Important Tips for the First Time Campers

If you Intend to go camping and you have no previous experience, there are three very important things you need to keep in mind. There are some common mistakes made by first-time campers and those can put them into massive trouble.

First thing, always install your camp in the proximity of other camps. Many first-time campers become very excited and ambitious when they go camping. They look to install their camp in a no man’s land. This can be a mistake. Since they don’t have prior experience and at the time when they are installing their camps, it’s usually the daylight. As the night falls, there’s a good chance that many can panic. I have seen people panicking in these situations and ruining others’ trips. It is advisable that any such misadventure should only be tried in any subsequent trips, not the first one.

The Second Point. Take your homemade food in tin packaging. Not only that this can be a cost-effective solution but also can be friendly to your stomach. It’s quite hard to find good chefs in far-off areas. If you are not one of those who can eat whatever is available, then this option must not be ignored.

The third important thing to keep in mind is that If you are traveling in a small group like a group of two or three people, pay your jeep fare by a person. Yes, this is possible. Do talk to a jeep driver about it. What jeep drivers usually do is that they can accommodate you with another group and can create a win-win situation for all.

This is what we did when we went to the Kumrat Valley, Jahaz Banda, Kund Banda, and Katora Lake trips.

Finally, a bonus tip. Places, where camping is carried out, are usually devoid of facilities. There are no restaurants and hotels available there. Bathing can be a challenge there. There is usually a town or a station nearby that is relatively developed. You can find a bathhouse in such towns and pay a minute fee to avail of this facility. Which going to Kumrat Valley, Kund Banda, Jahaz Banda, and Katora Lake, we did find such bathhouses (called as Garam Hamam) at the town of Thal. Thal is relatively developed and Thal Bazar is quite famous as well there.

Camping is fun if done the right way. Please watch my video where we did our camping at Kumrat Valley and Kund Banda. It also features the amazing boating experience at Katora Lake.

The unforgettable experience of Kumrat Valley, Jahaz Banda, Kund Banda, and Katora Lake.

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